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Jaie Blunt

slight of hand magic

Jaie is a slight of hand magician performing across the Somerset area armed with everyday objects such as coins,rope and cards and a winning personality he is sure to make your event a special one, bringing an atmosphere with a style of magic all his own to every event. He will help in every-way he can to keep your guests entertained and help with keeping the day running smoothly and effortlessly hoping to leave a smile on everyone’s face.

Jaie’s ultimate goal is always to entertain and delight. Helping to bring your vision to life.


slight of hand magic

Jaie has been practicing and entertaining for eight years now and he brings that experience with him to every event so you know your always getting an amazing performance for your event. 

Jaie’s goal is to work with everyday objects to create something special such as rope or playing cards to try and give his audience an experience they never thought possible with such things.



Jaie works with you 

Jaie will work hard to make your event a special one, and will discuss every detail with you leading up to the event so that everything you want is ready on the day, and you can ensure a great time for everyone there.

from day one he will talk to you about your event and how best to for him to approach and perform for your guest to be sure everyone has a fantastic experience by talking to you on the phone or by email about anything you might have in mind and how he can work for you to try and bring your visions to life.