Wedding Magician


drinks reception

After just coming out of the ceremony and getting a drink Jaie will be there waiting ready to perform and get a buzz going thought he room! walking around and doing impossible things for each of the guests creating an atmosphere and building on the excitement from the ceremony they just watched. Jaie strives to make sure everyone is having a great time on your special day and setting up the excitement for the rest of the day to follow.

wedding meal

During the weeding meal you will probably have people sitting next to each other who may not know each other that well,5 or even at all. This is where Jaie comes in approaching each table in turn and breaking the ice for your guests, creating a conversation and leaving them in high spirits. coming up the head table and performing to the bride and groom with a few unique tricks just for them it is sure to be something all your guests will remember.

rest assured Jaie will never approach a table while people are eating instead approaching while people are waiting on courses, or potentially performing at the bar, Jaie will also be able to help out with the occasional restless child.



the turn around period

Energy can be a little low during the turn around period, its been a long day at this point and nothing much might be happening while they wait for your first dance to begin. Jaie will go around the the bar and the room and get the energy back up insuring that the room is alive and excited to dance when the turn around period is complete. helping the waiting time a lot quicker and fun for everyone.